Program & Schedule

Place Program Time
Millionaire House Khmer Wedding Ceremony I 11:00-11:30


Break Time

Mini-theater The Immortal life of Khmer Soul (Mon-Thur) 2:35-3:05
Charming of Phahum (Fri-Sat-Sun)


Break Time

Mini-Theater Charming of Phahum 3:20-3:50
Millionaire House Khmer Wedding Ceremony II 3:20-3:45
Chinese Village Happy Chinese New Year (Fri-Sat-Sun) 4:10-4:40
Kroeung Village Choosing Fiancé 5:05-5:35


Visit Judgment Tunnel & Ghost House

Kola Village Dreamy prince s daughter and Magic peacock (Mon-Thur) 4:10-4:40
Big Theater 09 to 17 September 2017 we don’t have show
(we need to renovate stage)


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