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Welcome To Cambodian Cultural Village
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Happy International New Year 2017, Cambodian Cultural Village will perform the very special show. And wish you GOOD LUCK, HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY AND GOOD HEATH.
Program & Schedule
Public Holiday
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Wax Museum

Cambodian Cultural Village has two museums that exhibit the well-known personalities of Cambodia starting from the early centuries until the present such as queens, kings, army general, ambassadors, monks, ethnic minorities, movie stars, Apsara dancers, and the way how Angkor Wat temple was built by ancient Khmers, their lifestyles during the Angkorian period and the breath-taking human figures with various appealing paints.

There are more than thirty wax statues that show the development of Cambodian Cultures from the first century up to 20th century.

List of Wax Statues :

    Welcome Apsara     Samdach Penn Nouth     Movie star during 1960s  
    Lieou Ye     Chon nath     Uniform of Military Commander  
    King Jayavarman VII and His Princess Indradevy     Phirum Ngoy     Movie star during 1990s  
    Krola Hom     Khmer National     Apsara Sampeach  
    Zhou Da Guan     Kroeung National       
    King Ang Doung     Sin Sisamuth and Ros Serysothea       
    King Norodom Suramarith and Queen Sisowat Kossamak     Khmer Family       

Welcome Apsara

Originated from Churning of the sea of milk in Brahmanism.

Lieou Ye

First queen who led during the period of Nokor Funan in the 1st Century

King Jayavarman VII

He restored the famous Angkor Wat temple, built the Bayon Temple and many more temples.

Krola Hom

General Army in 16th Century who fought against Siam Army.

Zhou Da Guan

Chinese Ambassador during the 13th Century. He wrote a lot of documents about Khmer tradition and history (Chenla Period).

King Ang Doung

he reigned from 1845 to 1860, a king who was an expert in writing Khmer poems and novels.

King Norodom Suramarith and Queen Sisowat Kossamak

King Norodom Suramarith and Queen Sisowat Kossamak were the parents of King Norodom Sihanouk. King Norodom Suramarith occupied throne from 1955 to 1960.

Samdach Penn Nouth

(1906-1985), was the advisor of King Norodom Sihanouk.

Chon nath

(1883-1969), was a Khmer patri- arch in Cambodia. He was well known in Khmer history, tradition, literature and religion.

Phirum Ngoy

He was famous as a classical singer during 1865 to 1936 (71 years).

Khmer National

Tribal group that lives in Mondulkiri Province (Northeast of Cambodia). Their means of living is through farming and hunting.

Kroeung National

Minority group that lives in Ratanakiri province. They are good in farming and hunting.

Sin Sisamuth and Ros Serysothea

They were the most popular singers during the 1960s. Unfor- tunately they both passed away during the Khmer Rouge regime.

Khmer Family

Shows the ideal and prosperous setup of a Khmer family.

Movie star during 1960

Movie star 1960s, such as Mr. Kong Somounh and Mrs. Dy Saveth.

Uniform of Military

Uniform of Military Commander at present time.

Movie star during 1990s

Movie star during 1990s

Apsara Sampeah

Khmer style to bid farewell and thanks to all guests who watched the show.

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